tirsdag den 14. november 2017

Perfect Orlando holiday

Pretty instagramable neon lights in Copenhagen airport. Yes, the E is missing! 
Unbelieveable sights flying in. Spot an alligator!

Reunited with my best friend!

Don't mind the quality.. just love this picture!

Hogwarts. Enough said.

In Disney Springs.

Topgolf was a succes!

Miami bound.


So I just got back from 18 days off from work. The first week my boyfriend and I went to see my brother in Orlando, where he lives and works for Cirque Du Soleil, La Nouba. This was a great escape seeing as both of us spend the entire Summer behind a computer working away, getting some sun really did wonders for us! My best friend from Alabama and her mom from Texas flew in to hang out with us, which was just perfect! We went to see my brother perform.. and what an AMAZING show! You should really all go see the show if you are in Orlando before they close it down on December 31st. It's at Disney Springs! My best friend introduced us to Topgolf, which we don't have in Denmark, so this was new to the three of us, but a succes! We are now lifetime members ;)
Coming from Denmark, you simply don't go to the US without shopping, so of course we went to as many malls as possibly. Coming to Orlando also invites you to go to a park. We decided to go to Islands of Adventures in Universal, as my boyfriend and I are HUGE Jurrasic Park fans. The good thing? There was also half of Harry Potter world. We went through Hogwarts to go on a ride inside the school. If you want to visit the rest of Harry Potter world, you need to pay to go to both parks!
My friend and her mom left the next day, and we went down to Miami, where I could show my brother and my boyfriend where I used to work. We simply enjoyed life and went to the beach and did some more shopping. I purchased tickets to a Heat game from home, so the boys could get the right feeling of being at a basket ball match in the US.

fredag den 3. november 2017

Off to Orlando

We went to Orlando for our first holiday this year, to visit my brother who lives in Orlando and works for Cirque Du Soleil, La Nouba. The show ends on December 31st, so make sure you go see it before it ends! We also took advantage of the fact that we were in Orlando and visited Universal Studios and took a 2-day trip down to Miami to see where I spend 4 months and to watch a Heat game. All in all a bloody good trip, with perfect weather!

mandag den 23. oktober 2017

New York Gossip Girl style

Ready to take on the day. We did not plan to match!

I clearly had a thing for yellow

We went to the Empire where Chuch Bass lives. We later went back for drinks in the bar.

Outside the Palace Hotel where Serena stayed in season 1.

On steps of the Met. Of course!

Nate Archibald's home

Constance school

So a few year back I met up with my best friend in New York along with her mother and grand mother, who have become my family away from my family. My best friend lives in Alabama, so we try to meet up at least once a year, flying to each other, that time, we met up in New York. As this was my first time in New York, and I am a HUGE fan of Gossip Girl, it was obvious that we needed to take a Gossip Girl tour, and in general just dress up preppy and nice everyday (most of the times, at home, I dress VERY casually).

We went to see all the major spots from the show, not all are listed above. The first stop was infront of the Palace Hotel, where Serena stayed with her mom in season 1. Unfortunately there was a lot of construction work going on, but we did manage to get some cute shots. We also saw the school where they spend their high school years, Nate's home and OF COURSE we had to see Steps of the Met, and have a sit down. Oh truly a great trip, and it is HIGHLY recommended to take the Gossip Girl tour if you are in the City and a fan of the show.

søndag den 22. oktober 2017

Cruising on NCL Escape

View of Hamburg

Just one of many entertainment ideas onboard, for both kids and adults!

Margaritaville- my kind of vibe

Haven swimmingpool area 

The first night on a NCL cruise, they have a farewell party. Everyone comes together on the top deck for drinks, dancing and whatever else you could wish for. This is the best time.

So back in November 2015 Norwegian Cruise Lines launched their newest ship, NCL Escape. The Inaugural cruise was from Hamburg to Southampton. The ship is an incredible ship with everything you can imagine for everyone. If you wish to have some private space, you can book a Haven suite, where only the few who live in a Haven Suite have acces to the area, or you can book a "normal" stateroom. If you are traveling alone, there is also the opportunity to stay in one the their single rooms, where only the people staying in that area, have acces to, much like the Haven area. As mentioned, we were onboard in November in Europe, so we did not get to use the pool amenities, however,  they looked AMAZING! Book a cruise now, with your best friends and have the time of your lives! Cruising is not just for the elderly, it most definitely is for EVERYONE, and NCL can only be recommended! 

fredag den 20. oktober 2017

Living in Miami part 2

View from the hotel we worked at to Port of Miami

Working hard, clearly

That sweet love

Our (3) apartment!

View from the high way

A visit to the Everlgades is definitely a must! Do I have to say.. I HATE aligators!

So here's my part 2 of living in Miami. Even though we were living in Miami, we were still new to that city, so a few touristy visits could not be avoided. And of course, my love for Starbucks, which we at that time, did not have in Copenhagen. That Starbucks became my go to breakfast place on days off.

torsdag den 19. oktober 2017

I spend my December in Miami

Last year, I was called to Miami to help their cruise operation for a few weeks. It turned out to be in December, and let me tell you right now.. There is a BIG difference between Christmas in Denmark and Christmas in Miami. Eventhough it was nice to see the sun for a few weeks, I am excited to have my December in Copenhagen this year :)

tirsdag den 17. oktober 2017


This picture was taken at the end of La Rambla, down by the ocean. This statue was decorated nicely, and I couldn't resist a picture 

On La Rambla, they have the prettiest ice cream formed like roses

No trip to Barcelona without visiting Sagrada familia

We went to have smoothies and avocado toast EVERY morning

We couldn't come to Barcelona without going to see a game!

Last year in October, Alexander and I decided that we needed a vacation and our obvious choice was Barcelona. Both of us had been to Barcelona before, but me, only for 2 hours before a cruise and Alex on a study trip back in High School, so it was just okay to go again. We did all the touristy things you can do, went to see Sagrada Familia, took a bus ride around town, went to see a football game, did some shopping, went to the beach. All in all a great trip that I would do again in a hearbeat! Barcelona is definitely with a visit if you have never been there!

Perfect Orlando holiday

Pretty instagramable neon lights in Copenhagen airport. Yes, the E is missing!  Unbelieveable sights flying in. Spot an alligator! ...